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    The Samurai's Tale
    -- Novel berbahasa Inggris

    • Kode Buku : UCN004
    • ISBN : 9780395549704
    • Pengarang:  Erik Christian
    • Penerbit : Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston
    • Tgl/Thn Terbit: 1984
    • Jumlah Halaman : 234
    • Format Buku: Soft cover
    • Berat Buku : 0,4 kg
    • Buku bekas, kondisi sangat baik, lengkap, ex koleksi pribadi

    "A riveting tale for teens who like adventure infused with an ancient hstorical flavor."


    "I shall begin my tale on that day when I lost not only my
    father, but my mother and my two older brothers as well........ In the morning of that day my name had been Murakami; I was a bushi, a knight's son whom every womn in the village would fondle and spoil. Before the sun set I had been given the name 'Taro', a servant's name, and I was of no more importance than the name imlied."
    -- The Samurai's Tale