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    Extreme Risk - A Life Fighting The Bombmakers
    -- Buku berbahasa Inggris

    • Kode Buku : UBI072
    • ISBN: 978055215799
    • Penulis : Major Chris Hunter
    • Penerbit : Corgi Books, UK
    • Tgl/Thn Terbit: 2011
    • Jumlah Halaman : 480
    • Berat Buku : 0,3 kg
    • Format Buku : Soft Cover (paperback)
    • Buku bekas, kondisi sangat baik, ex koleksi pribadi, dilengkapi foto-foto berwarna di atas kertas art paper


    For the past twenty years, some of the most dangerous places on earth. And for Major Chris Hunter, just some of the places where he has defused bombs in his ceaseless battle against terrorism and the bombmakers.

    This is the story of a teenager with no hopes who joined the army at sixteen and went on to become one of the most successful counter-terrorism operators in the world.

    This is the story of survival when all the odds are stacked against you, when every second feels like a lifetime, when the sound of your heart beating is as deafening as a ticking bomb.

    This is what it's like, day in day out, to take your life and the lives of others in your own hands, and make a difference.

    And this is what it costs to live that life...