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    A Mortal Flower - by Han Suyin
    -- China: Autobiography, History
    -- Buku Berbahasa Inggris

    - Kode Buku : UNF054
    - ISBN : -
    - Penulis: Han Suyin
    - Penerbit: Jonathan Cape
    - Tgl/Thn Terbit : 1966 (first published)
    - Jumlah Halaman : 413
    - Berat Buku : 0,6 kg
    - Format Buku : Hard Cover dengan jaket
    - Buku bekas, kondisi baik, halaman lengkap , ex koleksi pribadi

    A Mortal Flower is an autobiography by Han Suyin. It covers the years 1928 to 1938: her growing up in China and her journey to Belgium and her mother's family. Also her marriage to a rising officer in the Kuomintang and the retreat to Chungking in the face of the Japanese invasion of China.

    Han Suyin (Pinyin: Hán Sùyīn) is the pen name of Elizabeth Comber, born Rosalie Elisabeth Kuanghu Chow (Pinyin: Zhōu Guānghú). She is a Chinese-born Eurasian
    author of several books on modern China, novels set in East Asia, and autobiographical works, as well as a physician. She currently resides in Lausanne and has written in English and French.